See The Top 10 Richest Nigerian Musician in 2017. No 1 will surprise you.

Whoever says music is solely for pleasure is still learning to talk. Music Pay s.Music is business. Big business. You Cannot imagine how rich some Nigerian artistes have gotten by playin on their passion and entertaining us every now and then.

JollyPadi  carried that; “Year in year out, they (Musicians) artistically express themselves via songs churned out en masse to the delights of millions across the globe, headlining shows and performing at others with major sold-out feature. While some of the artistes on this list make the ‘we love to hate them clique, there is no denying that we love their sound and our unfailing love for it, like Yemi Alade, said a couple of days back, makes them smile to the bank.”

You may wonder, and it’s alright to; who is the richest musician in Nigeria and how much does he or she make, and what is the person’s net worth?

To know the particular amount an artiste makes is like picking the particular bean seed that made you fart. Impossible. Even forbes can only get close enough to giving estimates. It’s by those approximations that we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 Richest Artistes in Nigeria, male and female.

We present the list in descending order. Do well to read to the end and share your approval or disapproval if necessary to help us update and amend.

So who’s the richest singer, Lets See.

#10 Banky W


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