Relationships with large distances may be difficult and often do not work. However, sometimes they too. Usually after several nights or days passed together completely immersed in each other and a real and lasting bond was made. This is far more than a surface attraction.

Long Distance Relationship

Nowadays it is not uncommon to hear the story of people ending up somewhere together, despite being halfway across the country (or the world).

So how did they do it? How do they work? I’m gonna share it.

1. You must accept long distance connections are difficult. Simple and easy. There is no real way to turn around. There is a clear distance between you, emotions and jealousy that can bother you and you will wonder what you are doing. Then there is all physical frustration. And you can do it. See more about some things you can do to really make a real hit.

2. Be Sure. (Courage is needed.) But you will never know if you will not work if you do not really use it. Accepting that it will be difficult, you can prepare yourself mentally and then work from there. Once, I’ll take you seriously.

3. Understand. (Sometimes not pronounced, sometimes easy to understand). If you want to avoid jealousy, anxiety and unnecessary frustration, depending on what it will be. Do we see other people or see other people? Are you open for meetings? Are we trying to do it? Or just look where it goes? Anyway, it’s best to be on the same page.

Communicate frequently. It does not matter if you have the agreed time or week or monthly talk time. (which would be very useful) Or the mental plan when and how often you talk, all that matters is to talk. And use other ways to keep it interesting. E-mail, text, phone, skype, chat, video (see the gift for this publication below).

5. Save money. Yes, I know, you’re like, “What?” But yes, it’s important. Regardless of whether you will be charged for a long time (of course free to avoid Skype), gas money, bus tickets, car rental, travel and sightseeing, you do not want the money stuck in the approach you take care of. And you do not want the debt to keep you back from that excellent lasting connection. You will probably want to be personally together, which can mean flights, hotels, etc. Funny random tricks will really excite your experience!

Keep your fire! Much of love and professional relationships are an attraction among you. If you want to succeed, you want to check if your share on your part is correct! With so many fish in the sea and other people closer to home than your partner, you have to keep in mind! And vice versa! Send cards, create videos, congratulate them, tell them what you like, love them, do their job, talk dirty, display body parts, and let them come with the rest. (I have something to help you with this big bar here.)

Does that sound like a lot of work? It is not! Do this anyhow regarding regular connections! And if you really want to do it, it will work!

My friend is in London, UK. He met the girl when he was in Toronto and still in contact. They are often in contact. They talk about life, travel, experiences, questions, chat and video. (Great advice at the end of this publication, check it out!) Shes comes to London to visit you for a few weeks!

I have another friend who met someone, started Twitter, then chatted on Facebook and then used Skype so you fall in love. She went to Australia to meet her where she lived. I stayed with her for three weeks, had a good time with her, and returned to Toronto. They continued with Skyping and spoke regularly. Now, a few months later, she is here in Toronto! Here he goes to school and lives together, very in love.
Do not give up!


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