8 Things All Guys Don’t Want To Hear From Their Girlfriends

7. I feel like I’m getting my period.

He is going to dread hearing this from you. To him, this is just going to be an excuse for you to mistreat him and act irrationally all of a sudden. He is going to be scared shitless whenever you tell him that you’re getting your period.

8.Do you love me?

Sure, you might think that you’re just cute and coy by asking your guy whether he loves you or not. However, if you do it too often, he might end up taking it personally. He’s going to feel like nothing he does will ever be enough to let you know that he’s earnest about the fact that he’s in love with you.

Final Thoughts
There you have it. Granted, communication should always play a massive role in your relationship. And you should still be free to speak about what’s on your mind. However, you should also be sensitive enough to be mindful of your partner’s feelings. You never want to do or say anything that might rub him the wrong way or generate drama in your relationship.
Words have power, and it’s essential that you can recognize the power of what you say. After all, if he truly does love you, your thoughts and opinions are going to matter a lot to him. Try to make an effort to be more sensitive with how you communicate with him.

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