It is obvious that money is a tool that destroys everything that lives on the ground. This does not seem dangerous because it is mostly paper but it is stronger in power than all the nuclear bombs put together, deadlier than the strongest poison, more demanding than any king and more desirable than any other offer. However, this is nothing but the invention of man and nothing in the sight of God, but it is the means of destroying all of us.

money destroying planet

His power comes from our imagination, while his systems of poisoning and destruction of resources come from greed. Its power is aligned with power and control exercised by religions and governments. The desire to no longer rely on how man is structured society depends on it for food, clothing, housing and everything else.

The economic system is the brain of the Roman Empire. More specifically, Car Klaudija Constantin, who created the Catholic Church, began Christianity, built the Vatican, invented Jesus Christ and killed millions. He only won the rule over the enormous expansion of territories that were impossible to rule on only one man, but he had a plan.

Contemporary writers emphasized that the plan from childhood there, and when he took over his father’s death throne, Constance worked to achieve it. What they did not know, and the world did not know, was 666 as described in Revelation 13: 12-18.

Money, taxes, punishment, law and religious domination of the whole country are part of her heritage. Now the world can not live without them because the economy is based on the same principles, and religion and law are so closely related that it can not exist without others.

This is the key point of the World Order to sanction money as the key to our lives and success. It now destroys the planet because habitats are destroyed, resources are being reduced and the population is moving towards a complete disaster. As people search for someone to appear with numbers 666, they should look back at the beginning of our era.

After my reincarnation, the knowledge that came with me is such that the roots of religion in adoration of the sun differ as neon. Nothing that people now differ from what they did, except that we have improved. When the Spirit sought to destroy the wall of blindness, which occurred in 1984, the magnitude of this barrier to truth and life was shown to me in visions.

No one has the ability to escape or penetrate unless they have the means to do it through the true God, the Spirit of the Universe. It is promised that this will happen before the last days and for all accounts in time. Money is the folly of man and destroys the planet.


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