The imbalance between the rich and the poor has increased considerably since the end of the Second World War. As the richest side of mankind emerged, they sought ways to increase the number and the permanent success of today’s massive poverty. People live in the streets and are hungry because they can not work or live in society. These are the “deserts” that are most neglected and are the result of a heavy ship that will roll away in a storm that is being pulled off.

Abundance goes beyond greed and exceeds compassion. It replaces good from evil, divides communities and makes enemies. The richest currents are run by the poorest countries and are not real reasons. The Trump Experience in the US is a case where a super-rich person wins the hearts and minds of those who are less able to think outside the place.

What does a man like him want to be a resident in the White House? It has all the glory and riches that life can offer and still wants more. The same can be said for any billionaire looking for such a high position. There is nothing more than prestige and show that it can come to her and effortlessly.

People who vote for dictators in power absorb thoughts that can change their lives. They are desperate because of their social rejection. They seek hope where they do not exist, and rely on someone who promises to fix everything, but ultimately it can aggravate things.

This has happened in many countries where rich dictators were guided by them. We can indicate Philippines, Syria, Indonesia, Rhodesia, and the list goes on. Not only is poverty among the lower groups worse in most, but crime rates have jumped, and drug problems have enormously multiplied. Syria is different because the dictator wants the wealth of the whole country for himself and destroys everything in it to go away.

So what put people into power or put their position in the first place? They often have no choice and that is because the word is under the control of the Spirit of the universe. It has founded things in prophecies that will ultimately cause great suffering and suffering, because it brings the world as we know it to the end (Jer 25: 31,33).

Reincarnation saw the return of the dead (Job 5: 19-22, Isaiah 26:19) and a huge demographic explosion that is proof. My reincarnation strengthened my connection with the Spirit and gave me knowledge to remove the blindness of those seeking the truth. The Internet is the mountain of God and gives answers as promised in Micah 4: 1.

Poverty and dissatisfaction among the crowd will raise their head in an unstoppable tide, and the result will lead to the end, as predicted by the Spirit.


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